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We are reconstructing our set up on so please bare with us. The other pages will return. For now, enjoy our newest articles and feel free to browse our archives.
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Fire & Ice Magazine

A magazine about what it says not what it sells. It is far too often that magazines today get bombarded by ads and the readers only pick them up if there is an eye catching picture or two. The subject matter is either wrong, sexual, plain gossip, or just forgotten.

Though articles worth merit have slipped in to the pages of these popular magazines they don’t get the spotlight they deserve. Fire & Ice is dedicated to giving its writers and artists a platform to shine on. We are the magazine interested in all forms of art and media, If you want to join in our fun. Let us know at

Fire & Ice, A Magazine on the Cutting Edge of Pop Culture

-Chelsea Callahan
Fire & Ice Magazine



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Who We Are

Editor-In-Chief/ FireiceAdmin ( Chelsea Callahan )

My name is Chelsea Callahan ( or , I am in my early twenties, and determined to make Fire & Ice Magazine something great. Age shouldn’t matter when you have the drive to accomplish something, and I’m determined to prove that. I’m not afraid of the work it will take to make my dreams come true. I fell in love with the idea of online journalism in one of my classes at Ursinus College and realized that I finally have a way to combine my love to write and skills on the computer into a serious thing. My biggest goal right now  is to one day see this magazine in print. I hope ten years from now, or less, hopefully less, you’ll be able to see this on the shelf at your local Target or Walmart 🙂

Content Editor / Fireiceeditaurs /Gaming Section (John Parry)

a Senior at Ursinus College studying Media & Communications. He is the General Manager for WVOU, Ursinus College Radio. When he’s not doing homework or radio, he blogs about Pokémon and takes nightly walks. His hometown is Indianapolis, Indiana, no matter what the College says. Follow WVOU on Twitter (@WVOU) and check out John’s Poké-blog at

Staff Writers________________________________________________________

(Bio page is under reconstruction )


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