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I’m Proud I watch Too Much TV!

By: Chelsea Callahan

51aLx2mNroL._SX500_I have heard the phrase “You watch too much television” a thousand times from a thousand different people. Their reasoning behind the statement is disapproval I know, but I don’t see it as a bad thing. The things we watch on television say a lot about us as Americans. If a scholar studied the things we watch as a population I’m sure they’d discover a trend. I can say with almost certainty that the shows coming to our screens reflect the world we live in.

In a world where science is more prevalent in conversation that religion our television screens show that we as a people like to enjoy shows full of supernatural elements. Yes, there are people who cling to their procedural dramas and things like them, but majorities of the people I’ve encountered are all guilty of enjoying at least one show that includes something not considered “normal” or within the realm of everyday possibility.

Consider the long running CW show Supernatural. Approaching its tenth season the story of Sam and Dean Winchester have built a massive fan following. The two brothers travel the country hunting down supernatural creatures and protecting the innocent. Its story is fascinating and addictive, but not for the reasons you might think.

Supernatural is a reflection on the strength of human will, I believe. It may be full of old and obscure creatures that we may not know that much about but it is focused on the brothers and how they deal with the most dangerous of obstacles. A show like Supernatural isn’t about what new creature is waiting around the bend; it’s about a couple of ordinary humans who fight like hell to protect the innocent even if it means losing themselves in the process.

Sam and Dean have faced everything in the last nine seasons from a yellow eyed demon and Bloody Mary to the biblical apocalypse and so much more. The boys don’t always come out of their problems unscathed, but one thing is certain above all else they survive. They don’t always live through their troubles but they survive. Each brother has literally gone to hell and back for the other, they never give up. They never stop fighting.

My response to those people who tell me I watch to much television is this. You can’t tell me a show like Supernatural doesn’t teach us something. You can’t tell me that I haven’t learned a lot about being strong and having faith in the people I love.

The shows I watch are a large part of who I am. They do not define me, but help create me. They teach us lessons about life and love and heart break every time watch them. It’s our job as viewers to realize what we’ve learned by devoting our time to shows like these. It’s our job to use the knowledge we have been given the right way, just as it is our job to live our lives the best way we know how.


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I'm a writer working on several projects right now. Hope to be published some day soon.

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